About Us

about Congratulations for all Teachers and Students to our Mukta Shiksha Pathshala. At present, it is the popular media to acquire education to every educationists for correspondence education or Mukta Shiksha. Consequently, a large number of students have been benefitted. But often it is heard from the energetic candidates of this correspondence education that they are not getting right education of the specific subjects, scarcity of the suitable teachers. Again, it is heard time to time from the students of the rural areas that what they read and how much they read, where they will find their assignment answer, how will they solve the questions of the previous years etc. To keep these difficulties for the admitted students of the Mukta Shiksha, This is our small effort “MUKTA SHIKSHA PATHSALA”.
The main objectives of our Mukta Shiksha Pathsala is to come back to the main tides for the backward classes, poor and meritious students for their education and to co-operate to build up their lives by the proper guidance. At present, all students of the busiest society it is our main view to build the consciousness of the life by taking the proper education of the MUKTA SHISKHA. Besides, A Man’s education will be incomplete or half-complete whether he or she may not be trained in the modern education as well as employment education. Thinking very much of those sides, We are able to train different skills and skill development course day by day. As example, Computer courses and its applications, Vocational Courses, Paramedical, Professional courses etc. In which A student can build up their career himself/herself as the usefulness of professional courses with the help of their educational qualification as well as Practical education.